The Process explained

When it comes to transferring your domain, we understand that a secure, simple and hassle-free process is what our customers value the most. Remember, your web host and your domain name registrar can be different companies, in this case we are talking about the Registrar. Please remember that moving to a new registrar will not change any of your daily services, your website, your emails and everything will remain intact. All you need to do is supply us with a transfer code that is obtainable with your current registrar and we will take care of the rest.


  1. Zeecom suits all your company needs and provides a satisfactory round-the-clock service that is fully automated and available online 24/7
  2. Manage your domain’s DNS and billing options within your own client portal.
  3. Receive all your invoices and notifications in your mail automatically. Download, print later or store all your invoices in one portal.
  4. View all your services, domains, hosting packages all in one portal.
  5. Pay your invoices or renew domains electronically using your banking cards, Pay-pal, or mail in POP ahead of renewals and upon ordering new services available in the portal right away.
  6. If you are a reseller of Hosting services, you can manage all your clients’ accounts in one place, and still be able to grant them access individually.

How to transfer

- Contact your existing domain registrar and request your authorization code (this should be between 6 and 32 case sensitive digits)

- Come back to Zeecom website, under hosting, click on Transfer a domain to us, then follow the remaining easy steps.
- Should you need any assistance please call +266 5886 5566 or +266 2232 7382

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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